Nursing Products I Couldn’t Live Without

I will be the first one to tell you, nursing is extremely difficult (or was for me at least). I know every woman is different and, unfortunately, not all are able to do this, so I am very fortunate that I was given that opportunity. I will spare all the painful details, but it took me 6-weeks, having experienced friends and family members help me and then having to see a lactation specialist, but after 6-weeks there was no more pain! PTL! After those 6-weeks we were able to get through 16-months of nursing. Yes you read that right for those who know me 16- months! Can you believe that? I still can’t!

Here are the products that got me through it and why I LOVE them! If you are nursing right now or plan to try, just click on the links and purchase this stuff! You can thank me later, I promise!

  1. My Breast Friend Nursing Pillow – I tried this and the Boppy. This was the best hands down! This is because you can prop your baby up on you and get stuff done around the house with one hand! You will feel like super mom with this thing!
  2. These Nursing Bra’s – I went to a Pea in the Pod and bought 1 nice nursing bra too, but these from Amazon were even more amazing! And to top it all off you get 5 of them for $30! I don’t even want to tell you how long I wore these things. They are so great I am thinking about getting more and I am not even pregnant!
  3. Medela Nursing Cream – Dang your boobs will HURT! This stuff will be your breast friend.. See what I did there?
  4. Hot Pads Therapy pack – This wasn’t the exact brand I used, but it is the same thing and it was a life savor!
  5. Mothers Milk Tea– My stepmom told me about this and it works! It helps increase your milk supply. Since I had a c-section it took a little longer for my milk to come in so I drank this along with Fenugreek Vitamins and it worked!
  6. Medela Breast Pump – I actually didn’t have this one and that is because my insurance paid for mine and they sent some off brand. I would recommend checking with your insurance first to see if they cover it (if so it is completely free) but if not, I have heard from a few different people that this one is the best!
  7. Milk Supply Bags – These were a life savor when I went back to work! I liked these better than the Medela ones because it seemed to me like they held up better. Just a personal preference though.

I am sure I will think of more items to add to this post, so if so I will update this but those are definitely the must haves. Make sure you try different creams and see what’s best for you!

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