Reader Submissions – I Want to Hear From You!

One of my hopes for this blog is to share information that every mother can relate to. In order to do that, I figured it would be fun to hear from some of my Mama readers & friends every now and then! And, if you have a blog, Instagram or Facebook of your own and submit a post, I will be sure to link your page so my readers can follow along with you too!

Do you have great mom style? Are you a mom of multiples who has some words of wisdom? Interesting facts we might need to know of what to expect in the coming years? A new mom who has some funny stories to share? A mom or mom-to-be who has struggled with infertility? An expecting mom who just wants to share her cute bump style? A mom who has baby products to share that haven’t been featured on my blog? Anything you think is reader worthy – I would LOVE to hear from you!

I can’t promise I will feature everyone, but I will be picking the top 10 submissions for their own blog post. All you need to do is send over your post and a few photos to

If you have any Mama friends you think would be a great nomination for this, please send them my way! Together, let’s bring a variety of Mama’s together!

*Submissions end on June 22, 2018.*

I look forward to your submissions & thanks for reading!

Xoxo- Julie

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I am an Arkansas girl, currently living in Dallas, Texas. Wife to Drew, Mom to Brady and our dog Duke. Loving life and this new adventure of motherhood!

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