Throwback Thursday: My Style Then Vs. Now

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If you’ve been following along, you know I am doing a Throwback Thursday series. You can read the first two posts here and here. This is the third segment on my style and next week will be about the early stage of motherhood…You won’t want to miss it!

Circa 2010..Back when bubble necklaces were the hot trend, I lived in hair extensions, changed my hair color every chance I could and took blog photos in a back alley in Pacific Beach. These are a few treasures of my old blogging days in California when my blog was called “Living on Dreams and Noodles.” Seriously… I used to be that girl that would rather eat roman noodles to sacrifice being able to shop! I may have been broke, but I had a lot of clothes and a variety at that!

I debated even posting this because let me tell you… I seriously cringed when I came across some of these photos, but they are too funny not to share and, truth be told, it really does show a glimpse of my “style” if you want to call it that – ha! I have always been the type of person where I change my look based on the occasion. Meaning whether I am going to a concert, work, the grocery store, or pretending to work-out and get sucked into my couch with wine and the Bachelorette on.. I try to look the part. I thought these would be good to show for those of you who only know me post-baby and see snippets on Facebook, Instagram or this page. Don’t get me wrong, I sure do miss my skinny arms and long hair extensions, but oh how times have changed and for the better! Even though I have put on lots of baby weight and moved back to the south, I am still the same girl who has a different style depending on the occasion and I would still rather eat cheap and spend $$ on clothes, but let’s be real… those priorities have definitely changed a lot since becoming a mom! I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did! 🙂

PS: In all seriousness though… coming across these pictures has inspired me to join BBG! Who wants to do it with me?!

Thanks for reading!

Xoxo- Julie


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