10 Things I Learned After Becoming a Mom

After becoming a mom, you will experience and realize so many things that “no one tells you about.” Probably because most of these topics are just not normally what people talk about, but anyone who knows me knows I pretty much have no filter at times. I reached out to 10 different mothers who are also unfiltered (this is why we are friends). 🙂 All of the mamas I reached out to have kids of all ages and I asked one question: What is something you learned after becoming a mother that you didn’t read about, realize or hear from your friends and family.

PS: There are actually more than 10 items on this list because some of the responses I received were too good and funny to not share. And read with caution because this is the raw truth, but that’s what this space is about right? 🙂 Read below to see what they had to say:

“I appreciated my own parents so much more after having a baby of my own.”

“I never realized how much the new baby ages the older two babies and seems to turn them into little adults over night. Things that seemed tiny before; hands, feet, ears, seem so adult-like now.”

“I never knew that when you pump, milk comes out of several different areas on your boobs! :)”

“I had no idea there was something called “cluster feeding” where essentially, your baby wants to eat non-stop for days during the first few weeks. No one mentioned this and I didn’t read it anywhere before having a baby, but it’s a real thing.”

“I never understood how much fun I would have by becoming a mom. It kind of makes me feel like I am reliving my childhood years through my child. Seeing them experience  their firsts is the best feeling imaginable.”

“The postpartum “padsicles” taking a ginormous pad and layering it with ice packs, Tucks, aloe vera, a couple squirts of numbing spray on your swollen V; all wrapped up in some sexy mush underwear. You’ll go through this circus multiple times a day until you heal.”

“I instantly felt like superwoman after my first few weeks as a mother. Birthing a child, going on no sleep, going to work on no sleep, etc. It made me really see all that I am capable of. Especially after you throw a 2nd and a 3rd baby into the mix.”

“It’s true what they say to trust your gut instinct as a mother. Dr. isn’t always right.”

“So you know the ice pack they give you to put in your underpants after you deliver? Well, I found out they have heating pads and OMG that was SO much better than the ice pads. I could actually relax and feel a little less pain in the nether regions. FYI – They don’t tell you about these heating pads. You have to specifically ask for them and it has to be a full 24 hours after you deliver…total game changer!”

“I didn’t realize how many pictures my I-phone could store. I have taken a picture or video of my child almost everyday!”

“I actually went to the Dr. after having a baby because it always hurt having sex afterwards. The Dr. said, after having a baby, you get really dry down in the lady regions so this is a side effect after childbirth evidently. The good news; they have cream for it. And I had a C- Section so it doesn’t matter if you have a natural birth or not- it could still happen to you.”

“If you have to have a C-section, your scar may tingle for months or years. This is due to your nerves working their way back together.”

“The threes are way worse than the terrible twos.”

“Breastfeeding is an adventure ALL on its own. It’s so rewarding, but it can also be so difficult, especially in the beginning. Some women are blessed with an oversupply of milk, a perfect latch, and nipples as tough as nails. That was NOT me. It was so challenging, in fact, that my new go-to gift for new moms is a breastfeeding survival kit.”

“I was introduced to a whole new kind of love.”

“You will suddenly realize how much you took having alone time & sleeping in for granted.”

“I didn’t realize how expensive childcare really is. It’s no joke!”

“Being a mom is like having your heart outside of your chest. It’s challenging at times and exhausting at times, but also the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. You will never have a dull moment or day in life after becoming a mother.”

It definitely is the most rewarding and best thing I have ever done too and there are SO many things I could add to this list. I would love to hear in the comments the things you would add to this list!

Thanks for reading.

Xoxo- Julie



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