Want Sleep As a New Mom? Get the DockATot!


Outfit Details: Allie’s Sleeper: Amazon- Kickee Pants |Old Navy- Flag Print One-Piece

By: Jenny Wilkerson 

When I had my son almost 4 years ago, I made up my mind that co sleeping was not for us. I had read enough horror stories about sleeping with your baby while preparing for him and was also worried that I would never be able to get him out of our bed if I started this. In all honesty, I think I truly believed that I may have a 16-year-old sleeping between my husband if I decided to put him in our bed. Crazy, I know!

Fast forward to the second baby. Yes, it’s true that everything changes with your second. All of the “rules” you swore you would never break, no longer exist. Enter the DockATot. I had read about this new “it” product, but decided that I didn’t need it. “It is entirely too expensive,” I said. I consider myself to be somewhat of a thrifty shopper and had saved pretty much everything that could be reused for my second child, so I didn’t believe this was a necessity.

It wasn’t until my friend was purging her no longer needed baby items, that I decided to give the DockATot a try. I figured I got a steal on it, so if Allie didn’t like it, no harm, no foul and I wasn’t out much money. I decided to try it out for the first time during nap time. WOW! I knew immediately that this was a game changer. After three hours of sleep, yes, you read that right, three uninterrupted hours of sleep! I was sold. It was the best sleep I had experienced in days and it was at this point that I knew I had been converted to a co sleeper. The DockATot was the best of both worlds. It provided her with the safety that I needed to soundly co sleep, and it kept her so snug and comfortable that she slept for hours!  Consider this my PSA for all expecting mothers, ADD THIS TO YOUR REGISTRY.  The good news? DockATot just announced their summer sale! They are having 25% off select items! Check it out and soak up every minute of being with your sweet baby, because as you will soon learn, the one thing all mothers can agree on is, time flies.

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