A Letter to Brady on His 2nd Birthday

My Brady Bug,

I can’t believe you are two years old today. If I only knew things I know now two years ago. You will always be my first child, the one that made me a mother and you are my biggest blessing in life so far (other than the day I married your daddy).

I’ll never forget the day we drove you home from La Jolla Medical Center. I’m pretty sure your dad was going about 45 MPH on the interstate and we had lullaby’s playing in the car. When we got home we carried you up three flights of stairs to our adorable two bedroom apartment in Mission Valley, sat you down and were like “now what?” I am pretty sure I stayed up for three weeks straight just staring at you in aww of this precious boy that I still cannot believe we created.

And I blinked and you are two. Two years old. I wish I could pause time. One thing I am trying to learn as a mom is to live in the moment because I know the next time I blink you will be heading to preschool, then off to junior high, college and I can’t even wrap my brain around that right now.

I am so proud of the little two year old you are and I cannot wait to see the young boy and the man you become. I hope you never lose your sweet personality. You love to give hugs and kisses and hold hands. Each and every time it makes me want to melt right there into the floor. Your personality is a perfect mixture of mine and your daddy’s.

You will always be my first little love and the one who has taught me all about motherhood. You have taught me so much over the past two years and shown me what all I am capable of as your mother. We have learned everything together and I will be forever grateful to you for that, because not only do you make me proud every single day, but you have also given me more confidence in myself.

Never forget how much you are loved unconditionally. When I feel like I’m failing as a parent, you always manage to do something that makes me know your daddy and I are doing something right and I love you for that. Thank you for bearing with mama during all of those hard times.

We love you so much Brady James! Thank you for showing us a whole different kind of love and a bond that will never be replaced. You will forever be our first baby.

Love your mama!



Here are some of my favorite pictures from the past 2 years. How time flies!





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I am an Arkansas girl, currently living in Dallas, Texas. Wife to Drew, Mom to Brady and our dog Duke. Loving life and this new adventure of motherhood!

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