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Brady’s Outfit Details: Top | Shorts 

When it comes to children’s clothes, I am extremely picky. That’s because I don’t like spending a fortune on clothes that they are going to grow out of in just a few short months. I also want to make sure they are comfortable for running around in or nap-time. Having said that, Gymboree has always been one of my go-to stores for purchasing clothes for Brady! They just have such a good variety of children’s clothes at such a great price. Though they have always been a favorite, they just made a big announcement that gets me even more excited to shop! Gymboree has totally reimagined their brand! Say what?! Yes.. it’s true! Even though I already loved their clothes, their new re-vamp has me even more excited (if that was even possible) about their new styles!

So What’s New you’re wondering?
• Everything! But Gymboree’s fresh take on style is what makes me the most excited—they’ll still have a kid sensibility, but now with a modern sense of style. You can check out all of their new styles here.
• The new pieces are now endlessly versatile and mixable, creating big possibilities for kids (and you mamas like me who still dress your little ones) to create their own looks.
• Dialed up the comfort, softness and attention to detail in each piece—Gymboree want to be known for great quality once again! Which they have ALWAYS had in my humble opinion.
• The best kids’ jeans ever—super comfortable, soft and durable. I love getting these for Brady because he has HUGE thighs, but theirs fit great!
• More for baby with the coziest, comfiest fabrics, more neutrals and modern details.
• Most importantly, Gymboree is making all these changes for you. Gymboree asked modern moms and families what they wanted most for their kids’ clothes, and they delivered. Gymboree wants to make you smile!

And that last point brings me to this.. As part of the new campaign for Gymboree, I want to share with you what makes me and my family smile. That’s simply having the freedom to work-from-home and spend more time with Brady. For the first year and a half of his life, I was working full-time in an office and I missed out on a lot of “firsts”. Ever since this past January, I have been extremely blessed with an amazing opportunity that allows me to work-from-home and also write this blog of mine while sharing things I am passionate about and I have to tell you, finding affordable and good quality children’s clothes at stores like Gymboree is definitely one of them!

The style, versatility, and quality of the new Gymboree clothes are great for all of your kids back-to-school apparel! I purchased this outfit in the pictures above a couple of months back and was pleasantly surprised with how great the quality is. It was already awesome before, but you can really tell they have changed it up and for the better! Brady is starting a new mothers-morning-out program in the fall and I will be buying all of his school clothes here. I have picked out a few of my favorites below for all of you boy mamas and linked all items to make your shopping easier!

1.1. Checkered Shirt

2. Jeans

3. Yeah Sweatshirt

4. Camo High Tops

5. Rain Coat

6. Oh Yeah Tee

7. Kanga Pants

8. Puffer Vest

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