Pregnancy Survival Guide

Truth be told, I have been working on this post for a while now for all my expecting mama friends (even before I got pregnant). Now I have a reason to finally finish it ha! I  put together my guide of products, stores I love for maternity clothes and of course foods that got me through my first pregnancy (and also foods I am craving now)! I am anxious to see how this changes this time around! If you have any other must have items you would add to your own pregnancy guide, I would love to hear what those are in the comments! 🙂 I have tagged all items below and why I love them, so if you are expecting and want to give any of these a try, all you need to do is click on the linked items below!

pregnacy copyMust Have Products:

Prenatal Vitamins – It doesn’t matter on the brand as long as you take them!

Maternity Belt – I sure hope I don’t need one of these this time around, but if I do, I will get this one again. I had to wear it when pregnant with Brady bc my back was constantly hurting. This thing was a game changer for me.

Pillow – Your husband will hate this, but you will love it.

Tums – Oh my the heartburn! I popped these like candy during my first pregnancy because my heartburn was SO bad, especially in the third trimester. Make sure you have these on hand.

Pregnancy Ball – This is great to relieve back pain and work-out while your pregnant. Take this bad boy to the hospital with you and bounce on it during contractions. Total game changer and speeds up your labor.

Foot Pedicure Spa – Your swollen feet will appreciate this. Trust me.

Memory Foam Slippers – After a long day at work with swollen feet, you will want a comfortable pair of slippers to put on. Also you will want to take these to the hospital! 🙂

Cocoa Stretch Mark Butter – I lathered in this and stretch mark oil when I was pregnant with Brady and I plan on doing the same this time around!

Water – Doesn’t matter what kind you drink as long as you stay hydrated! I am the WORST when it comes to drinking enough water, but I am sure to do it when I am pregnant. A tip – order your water from Amazon so you don’t have to haul it from the store when you are super pregnant!

Sour Lemon Candy – Luckily I haven’t had morning sickness, but nausea yes! Sour candy helps with nausea and it does work!

Stretch Mark Oil – I use this with the cocoa butter above and rub together!

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Places to shop:

There are a TON of great stores that carry maternity apparel, but these were a few of my favorites that I will be hitting up again and why I love them!

A Pea in the Pod For the stylish and trendy mama who likes a good pair of designer jeans! A Pea in the Pod is a little more expensive than others, but the quality and styles are amazing!

ASOS- They carry all different styles for great prices! You will definitely find some unique maternity pieces here!

Target – I mean what mom doesn’t love to shop at Target? I would always have to check out their new maternity styles when grabbing other stuff. I LOVE their maternity leggings so much that I still wear them!

Pinkblush – Any of you who read my blog knows I love Pinkblush and you can read why here. They are another great option for the trendy and stylish mama and have the best maternity dresses in my opinion for a reasonable price!

Destination Maternity – Trendy styles for a lower price than Pea in the Pod! I would normally shop here for the Jessica Simpson maternity jeans!

Old Navy – They have really cute maternity apparel for great prices also, but it is a hit or miss depending on the store! Some stores carry more than others. I love shopping here for Brady too!

Nordstrom – They don’t carry maternity in store at all locations, so you have to shop online, but its great for a good pair of designer jeans or if you are looking for a nice shower dress!

H&M – Love their maternity stuff, but like Old Navy, it is a hit or miss depending on the store. I would call before hand to make sure your store carries maternity apparel. I love their maternity jeans and tops!

Macys – Great for maternity work wear! I bought so many pairs of black slacks from here and dresses when I was pregnant with Brady!


Chocolate Chip Cookies – This was the first thing I craved this time around. I was laying in the pool and jumped out, got dry and ran to the grocery store just to buy some.

Blueberry Muffins- I craved these with Brady and I am craving them again!

Sweet Tea – I try to limit my caffeine intake, but when I have it, it’s either a coke or this. 1 a day keeps the baby moving. 🙂

Homegrown Tomatoes – I was craving them so much I went to Lowes and bought a tomato plant. True story. So far I have grown 3 tomatoes off of it and haven’t killed it (yet)! 🙂 There is nothing like an amazing bright red homegrown tomato with some salt! Bring on those swollen feet!

Lemonade – So twice now, as I was grocery shopping, I had to go to the front of the store to get a small bottle of this and open while I shopped. True story.

Peaches – I don’t even like peaches, but when I was in the Market Street the other day and walked past them I was like okay I need some of those..

Pasta – Can’t get enough of it right now. Yes this post is making me realize I am going to have to go on a HUGE diet after baby # 2! I have actually been craving Olive Garden out of all places.. Okay we may have to go do eat there tonight.. Hint hint Drew..

Ice- Cream – Luckily my husband loves it as much as I do. Actually more. It has to be chick-fil-a Ice cream though for him. PSA: They also sell it in quart size (on the catering menu and its under desserts if the cashier gives you a hard time). 🙂

Pickles – A jar of pickles is a staple in our fridge..Even when not pregnant. What pregnant girl doesn’t love pickles though?

Cinnamon Rolls – Okay now my mouth is watering!

That’s all for my pregnancy survival guide! I would love to hear what you have to have while pregnant! Let me know in the comments below and as always, thank you for reading!

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